PAR Q Form

Par Q Form

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  • Pre-Induction Questionnaire

    Before using the Woodlands Fitness Centre, it is necessary to establish your current health status. The questions below are designed to identify the small number of adults who should seek medical advice concerning the type of exercise most suitable for their needs.
  • Part 1

    Please select YES/No for each question.
  • Part 2

    Do you currently:
  • Disclaimer

    If you have ticked YES to any questions in part 1 and/or two of the YES boxes in part 2 we recommend that you visit your doctor before starting any exercise. Whilst these questions are designed to advise you about the safety of exercise, you are reminded that Cranleigh School Sports Centre cannot be held responsible for your health. It is your responsibility to consult with your doctor if you are in any doubt about the safety for you to exercise.