Enterprises Team

Mrs Jackie Batchelor

Facilities Manager

Mrs Jo Jessop

Projects and Enterprises Administrator

Sports Centre

For Sports Lettings, Multi-Activities and Sports Club Membership

Mrs Carrie Shayler

Sports Centre Manager

Mrs Jay Money

Sports Centre Receptionist

Miss Mel Smith

Sports Centre Receptionist

Ms Natasha Kiwomya

Sports Centre Assistant Manager

Mrs Sarah Rapley

Sports Centre Receptionist

Miss Sophie Tolley

Sports Centre Receptionist

Contemporary Music Academy

Mr Chris Maxfield

Music Teacher

Mr George Royall

Head of Contemporary Music

Equestrian Centre

Miss Emma Edwards

Livery Yard Manager

Mrs Fran Mitchell

Equestrian Centre Manager

Ms Jess Ayre

Riding Instructor

Miss Rosie Ginger

Assistant Groom

Swimming Academy

Ms Julie Doubtfire

Swimming Teacher (Level 2)

Mr Kelvin Jones

Swimming Teacher

Miss Matilda Mariscotti

Assistant Swimming Teacher (Level 1)

Mr Toby Pidgeon


Cricket Academy

Mr Stuart Welch

Director of Cricket


Mr Steve Pidgeon

Safety Training & Multi Activities Manager